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About Year 6

Hello, I am Mrs Cole; the year group leader for Year 6.
This year is an important one for the children in Year 6. Not only is it the transitional year from Primary to Secondary school, which will include SATs tests (Statutory Assessment Tests) but, it is also their last year here with us at Parsloes Primary School. During Year 6, we have a strong focus on the core learning areas of Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Alongside this, the children will create many more memorable moments of their time spent in this school.
We hope that your children enjoy Year 6 as much as we do. For more information about your child’s learning and how you can support them refer to our year 6 blogs.

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Year 6

To prepare for Secondary school we create an environment, in which the children are motivated to learn independently. To support this, all children receive a homework diary and are responsible for: writing down their spellings/homework each week and keeping a personal reading record. Parents/guardians should sign the homework diary on a weekly basis and use the diary for regular communication with their child’s class teacher.

In the Summer term the children have the opportunity to be a part of the end-of-year school production. This gives them the chance to showcase their skills in singing, dancing and acting, prop making and set design.

We hope that your children enjoy Year 6 as much as we do. For more information about your child’s learning and how you can support them refer to our year 6 blogs.


For further information you can view our Curriculum here.

The IPC Units for the Autumn term are Here and Now, There & Then and The Great, The Bold & The Brave.


The core texts are Archie’s War / Goodnight Mr Tom and Greek Myths.
In English we will be looking at Recounts / Biography / Formal / Persuasive / Journalistic. In History Pupils will learn: The history of our host and home countries. About history from people, photographs and maps. About history from museums and books and about history from buildings and architecture


To look at a full list then click here.

The IPC Units for the Spring term are Moving People and Making New Materials.


The core texts are Author Focus: Author Focus : Michael Morpurgo Kensuke’s Kingdom
In English we will be looking at Stories With Flashbacks / Authors and Texts / SATs Preparation.  In Science Pupils will learn: Pupils will learn: About the chemistry of cooking.  What happens when we dissolve or melt things.  About gases and what they are.  About different materials used in the kitchen.  About conductors and insulators.  About magnetic materials and their uses.


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The IPC Units for the Summer term are Go With the Flow and What a Wonderful World / Growing Up.


The core texts are The Lady Shallot and Flotsam.
In English we will be looking at The Power of Imagery / Arguments / Discussion / Information / Persuasion. In Science Pupils will learn: Where water comes from. How to grow a stalactite. How to clean water. How water can be used to make power. How rivers provide habitats for wildlife


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Year 6 Latest Blog

Year 6 learn how to stay safe online (29.3.18)

On Thursday 29th March, Year 6 attended a Safeguarding performance where they learned about the importance of staying safe online and the consequences of not doing so.  

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Woodpecker Class make festive cards for friends and family (13.12.17)

Woodpecker Class enjoyed decorating the Christmas tree and classroom, as well as creating beautiful cards to give to friends and family.                   

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Woodpecker Class learn about migration in interactive workshop (6.12.17)

On 6th December, Woodpecker Class took part a workshop where they leaned about migrating across borders and the reasons for this. They were each given a strawberry which represented the journey taken by a refugee. One palette of  strawberries crossed the border on foot, while the other crossed via boat.            People ...

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WW1 Workshop (20.11.17)

In Year 6, we took part in a workshop based around WW1 (a topic we are currently studying in IPC). We looked at: life during the war; trench conditions; propaganda posters and much more. Our leader transported us back to 1914; the start of the war and helped us re-create how the trenches were built ...

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