Woodpecker Class look to the future

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Woodpecker Class make blood

In this lesson, we made blood using water, salt, food colouring, cheerios, marshmallows and pompoms. The salt was the nutrients in the plasma, the red food colouring was the red blood cells, the yellow food colouring was the plasma, the marshmallows were the white blood cells and the pompoms were the platelets. Written by Adriana.

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Woodpecker Class- Cold Task Hook

In this lesson we had a piece of paper that had a scene we needed to act out as a table. After that we picked our favourite scene to write a diary entry about. Written by Tiana and Julia 🙂

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Year 6 – Science & PE Exit Point

On the last day of the Spring Term, the entire Year 6 children competed in a mass circuit training. There were 7 stations that required them to use stamina, speed, technique and accuracy/ This was part of our Science unit, where they had to measure their starting heart rate and then after the circuit training, ...

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Kingfisher Class – Making Blood!

Coming to the end of our science topic on the circulatory system, Kingfisher Class had fun making their own blood – We used the cheerios (dyed in red food colouring) to represent the red blood cells, white marshmallows (white blood cells), pom poms (to represent the platelets) and yellow food colouring (to represent the plasma).

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Woodpecker Class learn about blood…

In this lesson, we learned about different types of blood : white blood cells/platelets , red blood cells and blood plasma. White blood cells/platelets = 1% Red blood cells = 45% and blood plasma = 54%. Additionally, we made halos to show that we are blood experts. Written by Julia & Kotryna 🙂

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Woodpecker Class – Road Safety Awareness

In this workshop we learned about how to be safe on the road. We completed a quiz to see how much we already knew about road safety and in the end, Penny (our speaker) had an egg with a very funny looking face and showed us what could happen if we don’t wear a cycling ...

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Woodpecker Class – Red Nose Day

Today we dressed up in as much red as possible and donated 50p or more to charity. We learnt about the heart (which is red) and made fun fact comic strip/posters about everything we learned -so far. Everyone really enjoyed the work and looked AMAZING! 🙂

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Kingfisher Class – Reading swap with Woodpecker and Willow Classes

As part of the World Book Day itinerary, Kingfisher class swapped some children with Woodpecker Class and Willow Class. We went to the hall to read some of ‘The Witches’ where we then sat together to design our own potion that would make a teacher disappear!

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Woodpecker Class take part in World Book Day

On World Book Day, the whole school dressed up as book characters. We were split into our houses: Shakespeare, Bannister, Seacole and Pankhurst. After our house challenges we swapped with Miss Cocker’s class and listened to The Witches by Roald Dahl, then made our own potion that gets rid of teachers. Written by Genesa & ...

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