Kingfisher Class – Talk for Writing + Handwriting

This week in Kingfisher Class we have been doing daily handwriting practice. Star students this week: Madison, Xin-Yi, Charlie and Beatrice. Well done! And look at the photos to see the difference in their handwriting from the start of the year, until now. We also learnt a story map for our new English text for ...

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London Homework Winners

Last half term we held a competition for pupils to make a landmark for ‘Best of British Week’. The lucky winners were rewarded with a Blue Badge Walking Tour of London. Despite the rain, the pupils enjoyed a tour of many famous sights – including: Buckingham Palace, 10 Downing Street, Big Ben and The Houses ...

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Kingfisher Class – Junior Citizen Trip

The photos taken above are of the children who were in Mr. Johnson’s group on the Junior Citizen Trip. It was a day filled with different scenarios that could help children discover what to do and how to help when confronted with different situations that they could find themselves in, such as: an abandoned house; ...

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Year 6 – Boy’s Football Team Final!

A big shout out to the new champions of the 9-a-side tournaments….Parsloes Primary School! Very deserving title and trophy and can we all say here, at Parsloes Primary School, how very proud we are of all of you and the coaches for leading us to victory! Look out for the Barking and Dagenham Post on ...

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Woodpecker Class get magical with J.K.Rowling inspired art

Our Great Briton this week was J.K Rowling. We created artwork based on her best selling book series Harry Potter. We were allowed to choose from a blackout poem, a badge or a mythical creature. After we finished our creations, we watched two short clips about J.K Rowling’s early life. We then read a piece ...

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Woodpecker Class get active with Sparrowhawk and Kingfisher Class as part of their Exit Point.

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Great Britons

Today, all the children in Owl class were really excited to share the great Briton they have been learning about with another class. Woodpecker class and Owl class teamed up to give the children an opportunity to discuss who their great Briton was and what made them so famous and important. The children were very ...

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Woodpecker Class look to the future

In this lesson ,we thought about what we want to achieve and what our curve balls are.We saw a power point and then we received a piece of paper and got to work.On one side we wrote our achievements and curve balls, on the other we created a comic strip about our achievement and how ...

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Woodpecker Class make blood

In this lesson, we made blood using water, salt, food colouring, cheerios, marshmallows and pompoms. The salt was the nutrients in the plasma, the red food colouring was the red blood cells, the yellow food colouring was the plasma, the marshmallows were the white blood cells and the pompoms were the platelets. Written by Adriana.

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Woodpecker Class- Cold Task Hook

In this lesson we had a piece of paper that had a scene we needed to act out as a table. After that we picked our favourite scene to write a diary entry about. Written by Tiana and Julia 🙂

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