Year 6 – First Aid Workshop

In Year 6, we were lucky to have a visit from the British Red Cross, who were able to teach us some important life-saving skills. Take a look at the photos below to see how we got on…

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Kingfisher Class – Science – Fun With Shadows

This week in science, Kingfisher class have been looking at how light travels, how we see things and how shadows are formed. As it was a nice, sunny day, we decided to do some learning outside the classroom where we traced each others shadows on the school playground. We discussed as we went along why ...

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This week, Parsloes Primary School celebrated Harvest! We would like to thank everyone who donated food which will be going to those most needy and vulnerable. The children learned about where their food comes from and reflected on the life of those people who have to rely on local farms. The children also thought about ...

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Woodpecker Class decorate the book corner in line with Victorian topic

Woodpecker Class enjoyed an afternoon of art, where they decorated the book corner with ideas inspired by our Victorian topic for this term.       All the planning and creations were made solely by the children and it was great to see initial ideas translate into a colourful display.           ...

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Woodpecker Class – Victorian silhouettes – 19.9.18

Today in Topic, Woodpecker Class created silhouette backdrops in line with our Victorian theme for this term. After drawing their ideas onto black card, they used a range of colouring, shading and smudging techniques for added depth. Their masterpieces look lovely above the library bookshelf; they should all be proud of themselves.  

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Year 5/6 – NSPCC Assembly and Workshop

This week, Year 5/6 had a visit from the NSPCC, where they put on an assembly telling us about this amazing charity, what they do, and how the children can ask for help if they ever needed to. We then took part in a workshop where we discussed different scenarios and together came up with ...

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Woodpecker Class: NSPCC Workshop (26.4.18)

On Thursday 26th April, year 6 were visited by representatives from the NSPCC and later took part in a workshop where they were asked to analyse a series of scenarios to judge whether they thought the actions were instantly acceptable, instantly unacceptable or dependant on context.   NSPCC encourage children to “speak out” in order ...

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Mosaic Girls’ University Trip

  Today, the Mosaic Girls visited the University of Westminster in London.     To begin with, we played an ice-breaker game. We had to describe words to each other.     Then an we had a challenge of making the tallest tower out of spaghetti and jelly babies. All the girls (and mums) did ...

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Year 6 learn how to stay safe online (29.3.18)

On Thursday 29th March, Year 6 attended a Safeguarding performance where they learned about the importance of staying safe online and the consequences of not doing so.  

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Woodpecker Class make festive cards for friends and family (13.12.17)

Woodpecker Class enjoyed decorating the Christmas tree and classroom, as well as creating beautiful cards to give to friends and family.                   

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