Hummingbird class table leaders

This half term, as a class, we have decided to appoint table leaders for the 5 table groups. If anybody wanted to be a table leader, they had to apply using an application form – explaining why they would make a good table leader and what they would bring to the class. After scanning applications ...

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Year 5 Guardian Trip!

This week, a third of the children in year 5 had the wonderful opportunity to visit The Guardian HQ in London. When we arrived, we stepped straight into our reporting mode. For 8 minutes, we held a news conference to discuss the main and current news stories from the wire with our partner. Once we ...

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Hummingbird Class – Tudor Dance

This term, Hummingbird class have been actively engaged in designing and performing their own Tudor group dances. We have explored the different movements and actions Tudors would have made, thinking about how clothing would have affected their dance styles. This was our final practice, as we voted for the best two groups in the class ...

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Interview of Macbeth…

In Year 5 this week, we have been reading Macbeth by William Shakespeare. We are looking at newspaper articles in English and in this lesson we interviewed each other as characters from Macbeth. We are yet to find out what happens following King Duncan’s death… Who will be accused? Who will become the next monarch?

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This week, Parsloes Primary School celebrated Harvest! We would like to thank everyone who donated food which will be going to those most needy and vulnerable. The children learned about where their food comes from and reflected on the life of those people who have to rely on local farms. The children also thought about ...

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Hummingbird Class Tudor Houses

Year 5’s topic this half term is all about the Tudors. In Topic, we have been exploring the Tudor family, looking at their family tree, Tudor dance and their lifestyles. We also created our very own 3D models of Tudor houses, which were very fun – and messy- to make! Take a look at the ...

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Hummingbird Class maths challenge

This week, we have been looking at place value in maths. On Monday, we played a guessing game to see if our partners could guess our decimal numbers. We only had 10 guesses and then we were out. Everyone was using great mathematical language and it was interesting to see the different techniques used. Take ...

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Crime in the library…!

This morning, the children in Year 5 have walked into a crime scene in the library… You have read correctly. Look at the photos carefully. Can you solve what could have happened in Parsloes Library this week-end? We have gathered the evidence and have come to the conclusion that a murder took place. The motive ...

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Debates and disagreements

This week as part of our Power of Reading activity in Year 5, we carried out a whole class debate linked to our class book, Romeo and Juliet. The question we discussed was ‘Was Friar Lawrence to blame for the deaths of Juliet and Romeo?’ The class divided into two groups and we listed our ...

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Death in Verona!

This week in Year 5 we have been reading Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. Not only have we been writing love letters, but we have also been exploring feelings of anger and hatred which tears apart two families in Verona: Capulets and Montagues. In this particular lesson, we role-played the scene when Tybalt kills ...

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