Year 5 – Social Media Performance

Today, Year 5 were lucky to have the opportunity to watch a physical theatre production about Social Media. The actresses addressed common themes such as online safety, bullying, mis-use of social media through story and drama. The children enjoyed it with its powerful themes and messages…

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Robin Class – Sport Relief PE

In Robin Class, we have been looking at how people with disabilities play sport. First of all, we tried to dribble the ball with our weak hand, then we hopped on our weak leg. After That, we used our cardigans and jumpers to blindfold ourselves and we had a guide to give us directions to ...

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Hummingbird Class – Paper windmills

  Sticking to our ‘making things go’ topic, we are exploring windmills, and how they could be used to power the school’s electricity! On Monday, we explored current windmill designs, and looked at what they are used for. After research, we found that some have been adapted to generate electricity. Using pictures for inspiration, we ...

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Year Five – EES Mathematics Competition

Some of the Year Five pupils went to another school to take part in a mathematics competition. The questions were extremely difficult but the pupils managed it. There were 120 schools altogether but we were in a heat where we only faced 8 schools.

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Robin Class – Making Jam Sandwiches

This week in Robin Class we learnt about Instructions. To really test our skills we tried making accurate instructions for making a jam sandwich. Take a look at the pictures below to see how fun it was…

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Hummingbird Class – Balloon Rocket Cars!

We have been looking at ‘making things go’ this week in IPC. Using a set of instructions, we followed step by step to produce these amazing balloon rocket cars. We were experimenting whether they went further with one balloon or two, and wrote up our findings to gather conclusions. Take a look and see what ...

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Robin Class – Balloon Rocket Cars

In Robin Class, we enjoyed making balloon rocket cars. With our partners we did an investigation on whether the amount of balloons or size of balloons would make the car travel further. This was kept a fair test by keeping the amount of things the same e.g wheels. To finish the lesson off, we wrote ...

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Owl class -English-Making Jam Sandwiches.

Today we made jam sandwiches and wrote instructions for someone to follow. Our English genre is instruction writing and tomorrow we will find out,  how precise our instructions were.

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Owl Class – Balloon Cars

In science today, Owl class have been looking at forces. They made a balloon car  and discussed what powered the car and what forces were involved. Newsletter 24 16th March 2018

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Robin Class – World Book Day

Despite the snow causing the school to reschedule World Book Day, we were still in high spirits as we dressed to impress in our own World Book Day costumes. Throughout the day we took part in lots of fun activities including building a miniature home for the Borrowers, a creative writing piece and we enjoyed ...

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