Robin Class – Science: Leaf Rubbing and Dissecting Flowers

This week in IPC for our new topic on ‘Living and Growing’ we’ve been working on our science units where we studied the native trees of England by going on a leaf hunt around the school. Once we found some leaf samples, we then created some leaf rubbings where we were able to classify them ...

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Hummingbird Class Filter Fun

This week, we have explored using filters when taking photos. We took selfies on the iPad, and edited them to change our appearances.  We have been exploring different emotions, and decided to pull some different faces to represent emotions. Take a look below at some of our before and afters!

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Robin Class – Mixed Media Art with a Political Theme

This week, we kicked off our new art topic by looking at various Banksy paintings and discussed what they showed and the messages behind his masterpieces. The children then thought about Britain and brainstormed various themes and messages to send people through their artwork. We cam up with, litter, war, saving the planet, heartache. They ...

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Hummingbird Class – Maths fun!

This week, we have been looking at lots of interesting things in maths. For the first park of the week, we explored co-ordinates, plotting points on graphs to create shapes. Today, we had a carousel of different negative number activities to work through. Take a look below at what we got up to!

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Robin Class – Drama – Market Scene

For English this week, we’ve been studying more of our class text, When Jessie Came Across the Sea. We looked at the busy market scene where Jessie had never been before or even seen one before and had to act out, in a class production, the scene. She strolled through the market, hearing sellers and ...

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Year 5/6 – NSPCC Assembly and Workshop

This week, Year 5/6 had a visit from the NSPCC, where they put on an assembly telling us about this amazing charity, what they do, and how the children can ask for help if they ever needed to. We then took part in a workshop where we discussed different scenarios and together came up with ...

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Year 5 – English and Drama – Hot-Seating

This week, as part of our English unit on ‘Narratives with a Cultural Theme’ we acted in the role of 3 characters from our book, When Jessie Came Across the Sea.’ We took turns, in a hot-seating role play, playing each of the three characters at a time when one was leaving the village, Jessie, ...

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Mosaic Girls’ University Trip

  Today, the Mosaic Girls visited the University of Westminster in London.     To begin with, we played an ice-breaker game. We had to describe words to each other.     Then an we had a challenge of making the tallest tower out of spaghetti and jelly babies. All the girls (and mums) did ...

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Year 5 – Social Media Performance

Today, Year 5 were lucky to have the opportunity to watch a physical theatre production about Social Media. The actresses addressed common themes such as online safety, bullying, mis-use of social media through story and drama. The children enjoyed it with its powerful themes and messages…

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Robin Class – Sport Relief PE

In Robin Class, we have been looking at how people with disabilities play sport. First of all, we tried to dribble the ball with our weak hand, then we hopped on our weak leg. After That, we used our cardigans and jumpers to blindfold ourselves and we had a guide to give us directions to ...

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