Year 5 Dance Collaboration

This week, all the children in Year 5 joined together to practice a dance to the music ‘This is Me’ (from the film the Greatest Showman). Once some of us had learnt and perfected the dance sequence, we went on to adapt and create a group dance using some of the moves we had learnt. ...

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Inspire Festival 2019

On Thursday 13th June, children from our Singing and Dace Club attended and took part in the annual Inspire Festival at Dagenham Park High School. The children performed confidently to an audience of just under 300 people in a packed auditorium. Our choir members sang ‘Rhythm of Life’ and our dancers showed off their rhythmic ...

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Hummingbird Class – Culture Day

In class this afternoon, children in Hummingbird class were luck enough to try some different types of food from around the world. We had a great time together learning about the different cultures in our class and what foods they eat. Thank you to Aryan, Tobi, Cristina and Sonum for bringing in some food for ...

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Year 5, have been learning about the Chinese culture today. Aswell as learning some Chinese and cooking dumplings, the children were taught some Chinese words linked to ‘weather’ which they wrote and then painted. The children thoroughly enjoyed their experiences today. It was a huge success!

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London Homework Winners

Last half term we held a competition for pupils to make a landmark for ‘Best of British Week’. The lucky winners were rewarded with a Blue Badge Walking Tour of London. Despite the rain, the pupils enjoyed a tour of many famous sights – including: Buckingham Palace, 10 Downing Street, Big Ben and The Houses ...

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Hummingbird Class – Art Fun

Hummingbird class was lucky enough to have an extra art lesson this week with our art teacher, to create some pieces for our showcase evening. We looked at optical illusions and how to create our very own artwork. Take a look at what we got up to below!

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Hummingbird class – Happiness Booklets

For our well-being afternoons, we have been thinking about the things that make us happy and what happiness looks like. Each week, we added a page to our booklets and had great discussions on what it means to be happy. These books mean that when we may not be feeling so happy, we can look ...

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Hummingbird Class – Mechanism Madness

Year 5 are currently working on a project this half term relating to our book called ‘Clockwork’. Using this, we have have been exploring different mechanisms. The first step in our project was to explore the different types of mechanisms and how they worked. Once we knew the basics, we followed instructions to make a ...

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Moving Toys

We have been learning about the different types of mechanisms in year 5 and have enjoyed using a lever to create our own moving toy! All the children thought hard about their toys and designed each one with careful measurements. There were a lot of trial and error before the final product was made. Well ...

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Woodpecker Class get magical with J.K.Rowling inspired art

Our Great Briton this week was J.K Rowling. We created artwork based on her best selling book series Harry Potter. We were allowed to choose from a blackout poem, a badge or a mythical creature. After we finished our creations, we watched two short clips about J.K Rowling’s early life. We then read a piece ...

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