Year 5 and 6 ‘Safer Internet Day’ Workshop

To celebrate Safer Internet Day, Year 5 and 6 had Parent Zone come in to do an assembly about how to stay safe online. The theme this year was ‘Together for a Better Internet.’ So as well as the workshop, all year groups took part in Safer Internet Day activities that are now displayed inside ...

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Science – absorbency, solubility & insolubility…

In Year 5, we have been learning about changes in materials… This week, we have carried out two investigations – one where we were testing whether different materials were absorbent or not. The second investigation was testing soluble and insoluble materials. Next week, we are going to find out how to separate materials!

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Hummingbird Class – Science investigations

This week, we have been exploring the effects of gravity and air resistence in science. We have explored the link bewteen mass (kg) and weight (N) and took part in two different investigations that helped us really understand these forces. First, we used Newton Metres to measure the mass (kg) of an object and then ...

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Gravity – how is it measured?

Year 5 have been using Newton Metres to measure the gravity (weight) of objects with different mass (kg) to see if there is a pattern between the gravity and mass. Ask the Year 5s what they discovered and see if they can explain the pattern!

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Solar System diorama

Year 5 have been busy creating their version of the solar system using a diorama. The children carefully followed the instructions and made their orrery to which they attached the planets. A great effort was made by all the children and we saw some excellent team work too.

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Parsloes Primary Annual Christmas Bazaar

Yes, that’s right! It’s already that time of year again. Massive thank you to all those staff and children involved in the run up to the Christmas Bazaar. We hope you all had an amazing time with lots of festive cheer. Here are just a few snapshots from the day’s events…

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Owl class were very lucky to have a gymnastics lesson with all the apparatus out where they were able to show off their wonderful skills! Well done for a very good lesson. Thank you, Mr Betts for helping us with this lesson.

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MyBNK – money, money, money…

Year 5 had their first of three MyBNK sessions on the following money topics: My Money, My Choices and My Future. The children learned about spending habits and resisting temptation this week. Soon, they will be learning about budgeting, costs of living, saving money and bank accounts. The children were very keen and eager to learn ...

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Hummingbird class table leaders

This half term, as a class, we have decided to appoint table leaders for the 5 table groups. If anybody wanted to be a table leader, they had to apply using an application form – explaining why they would make a good table leader and what they would bring to the class. After scanning applications ...

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Year 5 Guardian Trip!

This week, a third of the children in year 5 had the wonderful opportunity to visit The Guardian HQ in London. When we arrived, we stepped straight into our reporting mode. For 8 minutes, we held a news conference to discuss the main and current news stories from the wire with our partner. Once we ...

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