Sycamore Class Learn About The Digestive System

This week the children learned about the digestive system. Outside, the children  drew and labelled where they thought the different organs were in the digestive system. After learning about the organs they worked together to put them in the correct place on a diagram. Finally, we researched the length of the organs and measured them ...

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London Homework Winners

Last half term we held a competition for pupils to make a landmark for ‘Best of British Week’. The lucky winners were rewarded with a Blue Badge Walking Tour of London. Despite the rain, the pupils enjoyed a tour of many famous sights – including: Buckingham Palace, 10 Downing Street, Big Ben and The Houses ...

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Maple Class – English _ Debate

This week in Maple Class, we have been writing persuasive letters to Mrs. Pearce; trying to convince her to not replace human teachers with android teachers! First, we discussed the pros and cons of replacing android teachers with human teachers. At first, most of us thought it would be a great idea to replace the ...

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Maple Class – Exit Point – Becoming Qualified Circuit Electricians.

For this half term, Year 4 have been learning all about circuits and today we put all our knowledge to the test by becoming qualified circuit electricians. We had to complete a series of challenges that put all our new knowledge to the test. First, we simply had to identify the different parts that make ...

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Maple Class – Science Making Burglar Alarms

This week in Maple Class, we looked at switches and used our knowledge to create burglar alarms. At the beginning of the week we looked at different switches and made complete circuits using different switches. Later on that week, we created burglar alarms. First, we designed houses out of show boxes and various materials. After ...

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Year 4 – Topic – Egyptian Workshop

This week, Year 4 had a a visit from an Egyptologist (Steve) and had the opportunity to take part in an Egyptian workshop. The day first began with  map work, looking at art and some dancing in the morning. We replicated art using our bodies and then did some Egyptian dancing to some music. Before ...

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Maple Class – English – Role play as interviewers

Today in Maple Class, we role played as both interviewers and archaeologists who had just discovered a tomb. We first discussed open and closed questions and which kind of questions would get the most information. Afterwards, we began to interview each other, ensuring our questions were open so as to gather as much information as ...

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Maple Class – Science – Water Cycle

Today in Maple Class, we looked at the water cycle! First, we revised states of matter, what they are and how they can change from one to another. We then discussed what was needed to change states of matter and we remembered from previous investigations that it was heat. After that, we discussed new vocabulary, ...

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Parsloes Primary Annual Christmas Bazaar

Yes, that’s right! It’s already that time of year again. Massive thank you to all those staff and children involved in the run up to the Christmas Bazaar. We hope you all had an amazing time with lots of festive cheer. Here are just a few snapshots from the day’s events…

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