Maple Class – IPC – Entry Point – Making Junk Models Of The Iron Man

This half term our new topic includes Materiel World, so we linked it to our new english text, The Iron Man, and made junk model versions of The Iron Man using different materials. We had an array of materials and had to create our own version of The Iron Man. Take a look at some ...

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English- Roleplaying as The Iron Man

Today in English, we had the opportunity to role play as the Iron Man. As it is the beginning of a new term, we now have a literacy book to read, which is Ted Hugh’s The Iron Man. Today we read the first chapter and read over our model text. We then reenacted the beginning of ...

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Beech class – IPC – Music, mood and mystic!

In Beech class, we retold an ancient Egyptian creation story about Atum, Tefnut and Shu using a range of musical instruments. We used the instruments to create sound effects and changed the beat and tempo for parts of the story that were exciting or quite serious. We took turns to tell each part of the ...

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Beech class – Ancient Egyptian necklaces

In Beech class this week, we used dried macaroni pasta shells to paint using the primary colours (plus black paint) to create an ancient Egyptian necklace. First, we carefully painted the macaroni. After they dried, we fed them through some string, creating a pattern. Finally, we tied a knot to secure the necklace. Tying knots ...

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Maple Class – English – Roleplaying as Reporters And Archaeologists

This week in english, we did some role playing as reporters and archaeologists. One of us had to create an archaeologist persona and pretend we found a long lost tomb. Whilst the other person had to roleplay as a reporter and ask the archaeologist questions.   Before we role played however, we had to discuss ...

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Beech Class- Sports Relief


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Maple Class – English – Preparing and Making A Speech

This week, during our English lessons, we prepared a speech in groups about Year 4 in Parsloes Primary School. First, we had to plan our speech. We had to think about the different aspects of Year 4 such as expectations, behaviour, homework and the different lessons we have each day and week. Whilst preparing our ...

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Maple Class- IPC – Geography Sorting Rocks

During our geography lessons this week, we had the fun task of sorting rocks into three different categories; igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic.   First we watched some videos and discussed the features of each rock type. Our teacher then showed us various rock types and told us the names. We then, in groups, checked the ...

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Maple Class – IPC – Ancient Egyptian Workshop

Last week, Maple Class had an amazing day,  when we were given the opportunity to take part in a very special Ancient Egyptian workshop. We had an amazing day and took part in many different activities including; doing some Egyptian dancing, learning about the life of the people in Egypt, both rich and poor, learning ...

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Walk like an Egyptian, Talk like an Egyptian…

On Thursday, our year 4 children had a fantastic ancient Egyptian workshop delivered by experts from ‘Portals to the Past’. They learned about what happened following the death of a mighty Pharaoh, the mummification process, burial ceremonies and, finally, the crowning of a new Pharaoh. As well as this, they did basic maths – the ...

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