Maple Class – Science – Investigation into Melting Points of Materials

In science in Year 4, we have begun to look at matter and the different states it comes in. We have looked at the three different states of matter which are solid liquid and gas. We have looked at the properties of each state of matter and sorted everyday objects into whether they were a ...

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Maple Class – Maths – Times Tables Week

This week in Maple class, we had lots of fun partaking part in times tables week. Each day we focused on a new set of times tables and did lots of different activities. We created times tables spider grams, did matching activities, spotting patterns on a 100 square, chanting and even some rockstar times tables! ...

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This week, Parsloes Primary School celebrated Harvest! We would like to thank everyone who donated food which will be going to those most needy and vulnerable. The children learned about where their food comes from and reflected on the life of those people who have to rely on local farms. The children also thought about ...

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Maple Class – English – Creating Our Own Factory Rooms

This half-term, we have been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This week we had a chance to create our room in the special factory. We had to use lots of different materials and patterns to create our worlds. We first had to brainstorm lots of different ideas for rooms and came up with such ...

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Maple Class – English – Fronted Adverbials

This week in english, Maple Class have been learning all about fronted adverbials. We started our lesson by discussing what a fronted adverbial is and made a list of what is needed to make a fronted adverbials. We then had to sort fronted adverbials and main clauses (sentences) so that they made sense. We then ...

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Year 4 Topic Entry Point

For our first half term of Year 4, our topic is Totally Scrumptious! We will be looking at the history of, where they come from and how we can change the state of matter of sweets, chocolate and lots of other treats! For our Entry Point, we decided to transform our classrooms into different rooms ...

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Habitats fit for a King or Queen!

Year 4 are looking at homes and habitats this term. They were set a challenge to build a sturdy habitat with an entrance / doorway which can home at least one person. All the children worked extremely well in their teams and demonstrated excellent team work. In this task, a lot of problem solving and ...

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Caribbean experience!

In year 4 this week, we had a Caribbean experience as part of our entry point for IPC. We tasted tropical fruits such as mangoes, pineapples and water melons. The fruits were very sweet and tasty. We also made our own glittery face masks for carnival. Moreover, we had a limbo dance competition – this ...

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Maple Class – IPC – Habitat Project

During the holidays, we were tasked with creating a habitat. This half term our topic is ‘Do You Live Around Here?’ In this unit, we will be looking at the history of our local area and how it has changed.   We will also be looking at where animals live i.e. habitats. For our project, ...

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Sycamore – IPC- Entry Point – Caribbean Experience

In year Four,We started off our new topic ‘Do You Live Around Here ?’ with a Caribbean experience. We did many interesting activities .  One of the activities was tasting tropical fruits such as watermelon, mango and pineapple. The other activity, we had the opportunity to decorate carnival mask using paints and glitter.  Finally our ...

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