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Hello, I’m Miss Davison and welcome to Year 3!  


As Year 3 is the first year of the Juniors, we encourage the children to become as independent as possible. The children really enjoy the chance to take charge of their own learning and organise their belongings


Please explore our blogs below to find out what we have been up to recently in class!                 

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Year 3

In Year Three, we study a range of exciting topics, such as Paintings and Photographs, The Generation Game, The Rainforest and the Stone Age. We make the learning as interactive as possible, and give the children hands on experiences of different topics. The children are encouraged to carry out their own research, and we carry on our learning through exciting trips and experience days.


In English, we study a range of text types, including traditional tales such as Little Red Riding Hood, short films such as Baboon on the Moon, picture books by Anthony Browne and adventure stories such as Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. We love putting our own twists on the stories once we have learned them. During Guided Reading, we use the Reciprocal Reading program, which allows us to analyse texts in detail and develop our own opinions about them.


In mathematics we spend time learning our times tables and making sure that we understand the key skills of mental arithmetic by the time we leave Year Three.


Please explore our blogs below to find out what we have been up to recently in class!


For further information you can view our Curriculum here.

The IPC Units for the Autumn term are the Generation Game and the Rainforest


The core text is Little Red Riding Hood/Hoodwinked and Paperbag Prince / Window / Rainforest / Otherwise / The Snowman. In English we will be looking at stories with a Familiar Setting / Alternative to Fairy Tales / Information Texts. In Science we will be learning about different rainforest animals and plants


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The IPC Units for the Spring term are Scavengers and Settlers and Paintings, Pictures and Photographs.


The core text is Anthony Browne : Author Focus. In English we will be looking at Adventure and Mystery / Authors and Letters. In Science we will be learning about how light, dark and shadows can be created.


To look at a full list then click here.

The IPC Units for the Summer term are Sounds and Materials and What’s on the Menu?


The core text is Baboon on the Moon and James and the Giant Peach / Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs / Michael Rosen. In English we will be looking at Adventure and Mystery / Persuasive / Poems to Perform. In science the pupils will learn how sounds are made, how to change sounds and how sounds travel to the ear. In History we will be looking at popular foods from different periods of history and what sailors and explorers used to eat when travelling.


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Year 3 Latest Blog

Elm Class – National Portrait Gallery!

On Thursday, Year 3 attended the National Portrait Gallery in Central London. We had a fantastic time looking at all the different portraits and how styles of paintings changed over time. In addition to this, we also had a go at drawing and trying to replicate our favourite portrait of the day!

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Willow Class love to read.

We would love to here about what parents enjoy reading with their children.  Are you a big fan of reading?  At the moment our Class Book is Paddington Bear by Michael Bond.

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Elm – The Plagues of Egypt

This week, Elm Class have been looking at the 10 Plagues of Egypt in RE. We discussed how each plague affected the people of Egypt and how it became difficult for the people to live there. We then chose the 6 plagues we thought were the worst and drew our own representations.

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Oak Class – World Book Day!

Here are some photos of Oak Class in our amazing costumes! During World Book Day, we carried out lessons based on the book called ‘A Bear Called Paddington’. As Paddington loved to eat marmalade sandwiches, we tried marmalade and made our own sandwiches. We discovered that marmalade tastes sweet, fruity and has a soft, smooth texture. ...

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