Elm Class – Understanding Persuasive Letters

Our new focus in English is understanding and writing persuasive letters. We worked in pairs and sorted a cut up letter thinking about its structure and language features.  We love working in pairs because we can help each other and ask questions to support our learning.  After sorting our letters we used our magpie books ...

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Elm Class – Wrap Making

As part of our topic work we have been focusing on designing a wrap and it’s packaging, we conducted some research in the classroom to decide what design we should create using a bar chart, then we create our chosen design. We all used a variety of ingredients including foods from different food groups such ...

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Elm Class – Barleylands Farm

As part of our topic ‘Come Dine with Us’ we went on a trip to Barleylands Farm to find out more about where our food comes from. Whilst on the trip, we learnt all about wheat and how flour is made which we then used in our own cooking! We made delicious pizzas from scratch ...

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Oak Class – Persuasive Speeches

In Oak class, we have begun learning about persuasive writing in our English lessons.  At the end of our class story ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’ the town had been destroyed by rogue weather.  To practise our persuasive skills, we wrote speeches about whether or not we should return to Chewandswallow when it has ...

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Oak Class – Wraps

In Oak class this week, we have been researching, designing and making our own food products in our topic lessons.  After deciding to focus on wraps, we used our computing lesson to research different types of savoury wrap.  We then used annotated sketches to record three ideas for our own wrap.  We conducted market research ...

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Parsloes Primary Annual Christmas Bazaar

Yes, that’s right! It’s already that time of year again. Massive thank you to all those staff and children involved in the run up to the Christmas Bazaar. We hope you all had an amazing time with lots of festive cheer. Here are just a few snapshots from the day’s events…

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Oak Class – Trip to Barleylands Farm

On Thursday, all of the children in Year 3 visited Barleylands farm to learn more about where our food comes from.  This links with our current topic, ‘Come Dine with Us.’ Our exciting day started with a tour of the farm.  We got to meet all of the animals and learn some facts about each ...

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Oak Class – War Memorial Visit

  On Monday afternoon, we visited the war memorial to link with our learning about Remembrance.  We spent some time looking at the wreaths, reading the messages and thinking about the sacrifices that soldiers in the past have made.

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Oak Class – Come Dine With Us

  In Year 3, our topic for this half term is ‘Come Dine With Us’.   We have been practising our cooking skills by preparing pizzas in class.   We all got to choose which toppings we would like on our pizza and had lots of fun selecting different ingredients.  After they were cooked, we got to ...

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Elm Class – Our Classroom Plants

In autumn term 1, we were learning all about the rain-forest so we decided to grow our own plants. This helped us with what we were learning such as the parts of a plant, the layers of the rain-forest and what a plant needs to grow. We planted cress and rocket seeds inside egg shells ...

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