Oak Class – Reading

In Oak class we love reading.  This week, we have been working very hard to help each other improve our reading aloud.  During our group reading sessions, we take it in turns to read aloud whilst the other group members listen attentively.  We then get feedback from our classmates about our fluency, volume and expression.  The ...

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Oak Class – Wellbeing Friday

  On Friday afternoons we are focusing on our wellbeing in Oak class.  Over the past half term, we have thought about kindness and how being kind to others makes us feel.  We enjoyed giving each other compliments and recognised that giving a compliment can feel as good as receiving one.  We have thought about ...

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This week, Parsloes Primary School celebrated Harvest! We would like to thank everyone who donated food which will be going to those most needy and vulnerable. The children learned about where their food comes from and reflected on the life of those people who have to rely on local farms. The children also thought about ...

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Oak Class – Storytelling

In Oak Class this week, we have been preparing to write our own stories about belonging.  First we created an imaginative setting, and then we designed characters for our stories.  Once our characters were ready, we used them to help us act out our story ideas.  Lots of us had very imaginative ideas and we ...

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Oak Class – Trip to Parsloes Park

  On Tuesday, the children in Oak class visited Parsloes park to investigate the different plants there.  We explored the environment and collected leaves, conkers and seeds.  We then used these leaves in class to help us to learn about the function of a leaf.  We learned that photosynthesis is the process by which leaves ...

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Elm Class – National Portrait Gallery!

On Thursday, Year 3 attended the National Portrait Gallery in Central London. We had a fantastic time looking at all the different portraits and how styles of paintings changed over time. In addition to this, we also had a go at drawing and trying to replicate our favourite portrait of the day!

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Willow Class love to read.

We would love to here about what parents enjoy reading with their children.  Are you a big fan of reading?  At the moment our Class Book is Paddington Bear by Michael Bond.

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Elm – The Plagues of Egypt

This week, Elm Class have been looking at the 10 Plagues of Egypt in RE. We discussed how each plague affected the people of Egypt and how it became difficult for the people to live there. We then chose the 6 plagues we thought were the worst and drew our own representations.

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Oak Class – World Book Day!

Here are some photos of Oak Class in our amazing costumes! During World Book Day, we carried out lessons based on the book called ‘A Bear Called Paddington’. As Paddington loved to eat marmalade sandwiches, we tried marmalade and made our own sandwiches. We discovered that marmalade tastes sweet, fruity and has a soft, smooth texture. ...

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Oak Class – Jam Sandwiches!

This week in English we have been looking at different sets of instructions. We have discovered lots of imperative (bossy) verbs and used these to instruct our partner on how to make a tasty jam sandwich. What did you enjoy about the lesson?  

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