Culture Day in Oak Class

Children made dream catchers.

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London Homework Winners

Last half term we held a competition for pupils to make a landmark for ‘Best of British Week’. The lucky winners were rewarded with a Blue Badge Walking Tour of London. Despite the rain, the pupils enjoyed a tour of many famous sights – including: Buckingham Palace, 10 Downing Street, Big Ben and The Houses ...

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Elm Class – Who Stole the Lunch Trolley?

As our hook for our new English book ‘Grampa’s Teeth’ our lunch trolley was stolen! We searched all around the school and also created lost posters in hope that it would be returned to us. Our poster were successful and on a final hunt before lunch time we found it. We thought about what it ...

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Oak Class- Showcase

Getting ready for our showcase we have been busy doing many art activities. Many of us visited the school with our parents for the showcase.

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Elm Class – David Hockney

As part of discovering Britain, we focused on a Great British artist called David Hockney. We learnt all about who David Hockney was and looked at a range of his art work. We realised that since David Hockney has been painting for several decades he has used many different techniques and materials. We decided we ...

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Year 3 – Our Ancient Olympics

In Topic we are learning about Ancient Greece. We found out that this is where the Olympic games originally started around 2700 year ago. Also, we created our own laurel wreaths as this is what the champions of the Olympic events would receive. To understand the different events the athletes competed in we had our ...

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Elm Class – Growth Mindset Poems

As part of our well being Friday afternoons we have been thinking about growth mindset. We have thought about how we can change our mindsets and how instead of giving up we can learn from the mistakes we make! After discussing growth mindset, we created our own acrostic poems. We took these into the playground ...

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Elm Class – Fossil Hunting and Creating

In Topic we have been learning all about the stone age and the bronze age. We found that from discovering fossils we can learn more about these time periods. We found it fascinating that fossils are still being discovered now and we dug for our own fossil. Next, we learnt about the process of fossilisation ...

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Elm Class – Science Experiments

In science this term we have been focusing on rocks. We have been focusing on how rocks are formed, the properties of rocks and how we can use them. To test our ideas of different stone properties we conducted four science experiments to test the strength of the rocks, whether they scratch easily, if they ...

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Elm Class – Buying Biscuits in Maths

In Elm Class this week, we have been focusing on money. We have learnt about the different coins and notes , understanding pounds and pence, how to add money and how to find change. Today, we put all of this into practice and created our own shop. Before the lesson, we carefully decorated biscuits using ...

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