Centipede Class – Homework Projects

Children in Year 2 were asked to create a woodland creature during the half term holiday. We have received some lovely projects in Centipede Class so well done to all the children who have made an animal 🙂

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Centipede Class – Goodbye Butterflies!

Today was a very exciting day for Centipede Class as we released our butterflies into the wild. Over the past few weeks we have been observing their life cycle, watching them change from a caterpillar to a butterfly. Good luck butterflies!

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Cricket Class Butterflies

Today we released our butterflies. We have enjoyed learning about the life cycle of a butterfly.

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Grasshoppers work together to sort things

This week, the children have been working hard on sorting things that are living,non living and once alive.

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Cricket Topic Work – Food Chains

This we have learnt about what all living things do and also what they need to survive. We worked together to sort things into living, once living and never living. We then made food chains.

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Science in Centipede Class

This week we have been thinking about living and non-living things. We have also discussed things that were once alive; such as fallen leaves and fruit. We worked together to sort items into these categories. We then recorded what we had learned in our books. I’d like to say a particular well done to Albie ...

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Crickets – New topic, Life is for Living

This week we have started our new topic. We have decorated our classroom with beanstalks and butterflies. We also welcomed caterpillars to our class we cant wait to watch them turn into butterflies.

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Grasshoppers train to become knights

We had a special visitor come to the school to teach us how to become knights. We learned lots of new facts about knights and perfected some knightly skills.

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Centipede Class Learning About Their Famous Great Briton!

This week, Centipede Class have been learning about David Attenborough. The children have researched David Attenborough’s life and found out facts about different animals. The children even made their own documentaries!! At the end of the week, the children worked in small groups to make posters showcasing everything they had learned during the British Theme ...

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Crickets DT

We planned how to make a healthy dish. We made sure our dish was balanced by thinking about each ingredient we was including.

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