Crickets DT

We planned how to make a healthy dish. We made sure our dish was balanced by thinking about each ingredient we was including.

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Cricket – How to become a knight

Today we took part in a ‘How to Become a Knight Workshop’. We learnt the stages in becoming a knight.

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Cricket Class – Road Safety

Today we had a Road Safety workshop. We discussed our journeys to school and how to cross the road safely.

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Crickets Homework Castles

To decorate our book corner ready for our new topic ‘King of the Castle’ we made castles at home.

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Crickets Pirates Topic Exit Point

Exit Point We invited our parents into school to celebrate the end of our Pirates topic. We dressed up and performed a pirate dance we have been learning.

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Crickets Maths – Reading Scales

In maths we worked together to fill measuring cylinders with different amounts of water. We poured the water in and read the scale to check we had the correct amount.

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Crickets Science – Floating and sinking

We have been testing materials to see if they would be suitable to make a pirate ship with. We tested which materials would float. We made sure it was a fair test by testing each material for the same time and in the same amount of water. Next week we will be creating our own ...

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Crickets Topic Work Geography

This week we created our own pirate maps and used teabags to stain them. We have been using directional language and learned how keys are used on a map.

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Grasshoppers interview a pirate.

As part of our English lesson the children came up with questions they could ask a pirate. The children dressed up as pirates to get into character and took turns asking each other questions. They used all of the new ‘pirate talk’ they had learnt and put on some very impressive pirate accents.

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Ahoy there matey!

This week we started our new topic ‘Ahoy there matey’.The children were left clues in order to find their new English book from some mischievous pirates.

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