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About Year 1

The Year 1 curriculum will build upon and extend the EYFS curriculum. The children are in a more formal learning environment but they will continue to learn through exploration, experience, challenge and investigation. Our topics this year will include I’m Alive learning about animals and habitats, The Magic Toymaker learning about how things work, The Circus is Coming to Town learning about different materials and what it is like to be a circus artist!!

We are looking forward to the adventure of learning and growing together.

Mrs Field

Miss Healy

Year 1

The Year 1 team works closely with Reception teachers to prepare for a smooth transition. We aim to manage the transition from Reception to Year 1 in a gradual, staged approach, which allows the children to adapt during the first half of the Autumn Term.


During Year 1 Children will become more confident and competent in reading and writing. Phonics is taught every day for 20 minutes to support reading, writing and spelling. In Year 1 all children will have a phonics screening check during June and the results will be reported to you in the summer term.


In numeracy we focus on the numbers 0 – 100. Children will learn number bonds to 10 and begin to ‘count on’. We also learn about the place value of numbers and how to add and subtract.


For further information you can view our Curriculum here.

Autumn term is packed full of exciting new subjects. This term we will be looking at traditional tales in English as well as stories with patterns and rhyme.


In Science we will be focussing on learning about how our heart works as well as where we can find living things.


To look at a full list then click here.

The Spring term will be another exciting time of the year with a variety of wonderful new topics to look at.


In Science we will be looking at materials as well as forces and in Geography pupils will learn how to draw maps and plans of a circus.


To look at a full list then click here.

As we move into the summer term the pupils will be ready for the next stage of our curriculum.


In English, pupils will learn about using senses / instructions whilst in Science they will be building upon this by learning about how we use our senses.


To look at a full list then click here.

Year 1 Latest Blog

Bumblebee class explore their senses.

In IPC, we started our new topic which includes exploring our senses. The children loved looking for the things they could hear,see, touch and smell outside.

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Exploring our senses in Butterfly class

This term we will be learning about our senses and parts of our body that we use for each sense. During one of our IPC lesson this week, we explored our senses in the outside area. The children identified each sense they used and described what they could see, hear, feel and smell.    

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Ladybirds Class News

Library Time We enjoyed choosing books during our library time. Every Friday we can choose a new book as long as we have remembered to bring back the book we have already borrowed. You could visit the library in your local area during the Easter holidays. Have fun. Happy Easter everyone!

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Butterfly Class gets sporty

For Sports relief, all the children dressed in their sporty outfits and had lots of fun doing different sporting activities. Running a mile around the playground, relay races, skipping, hula hooping were among some of the activities done.   The children worked in pairs with different year groups and in teams. They enjoyed all the events ...

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