Bumblebee class explore their senses.

In IPC, we started our new topic which includes exploring our senses. The children loved looking for the things they could hear,see, touch and smell outside.

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Exploring our senses in Butterfly class

This term we will be learning about our senses and parts of our body that we use for each sense. During one of our IPC lesson this week, we explored our senses in the outside area. The children identified each sense they used and described what they could see, hear, feel and smell.    

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Ladybirds Class News

Library Time We enjoyed choosing books during our library time. Every Friday we can choose a new book as long as we have remembered to bring back the book we have already borrowed. You could visit the library in your local area during the Easter holidays. Have fun. Happy Easter everyone!

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Butterfly Class gets sporty

For Sports relief, all the children dressed in their sporty outfits and had lots of fun doing different sporting activities. Running a mile around the playground, relay races, skipping, hula hooping were among some of the activities done.   The children worked in pairs with different year groups and in teams. They enjoyed all the events ...

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Ladybird News – Making 9

Making 9 We found out all the different pairs of numbers that make 9. We played number tennis and other games to do this. We also found all the different ways to make 8. We tried to memorise the pairs of numbers that totalled a given number. Try this at home with different numbers.

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Bumblebee class celebrate World Book Day

Today we celebrated World Book Day in Bumblebee class. The children came dressed in wonderful costumes of characters they liked from books. Our chosen book was The Tiger Who Came to Tea. The children enjoyed listening to their teacher read the book. They made menu’s for the cafe the family visited at the end of ...

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Butterfly Class make 8 and 9 in maths

In maths today the children had to make 8 and 9 families. They had to work out all the different ways to make 8 and 9 and list the families. Some used cubes to make towers while other played games. Some made groups of themselves to make the families.    

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Ladybird Class News – Tiger pictures

Here are the finished Tiger collages we made last week on World Book Day. The children made these independently. They are displayed in the classroom so don’t forget to take a closer look when you come to parents evening.    Maybe be your child could have a go at making other collage pictures at home. ...

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World Book day in Butterfly class

Today we celebrated World Book day, we dressed up in our favourite characters. Here is some of us in our costumes:     We had lots of fun working on our book for World Book Day. The book year 1 children based their work on was The Tiger who came to tea. We acted out ...

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Labybird Class News

Circus Skills Arthur the Juggler came to school to show us his skills. He juggled with balls, bin bags, apples and also used knives. Some of us found this trick a bit scary. Aminah and Nathan helped Arthur with one of his tricks. They held a hoop while  he juggled balls through it. It was ...

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