Maths in Bumblebee class

In maths lessons the children have been identifying the different coins and their values. They had match the coins to the numicon and understand their values. The Children were then given different amounts to make using coins, numicon or denes. This helped them to understand place value in money.

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Bumblebees using their senses

This week in Science the children investigated using their senses. First using the sense of smell they found out what was in the pots. It was amazing how many of them could recognise the smells. Next they had to look through tiny holes and discover what was hiding in the boxes. They used their sense ...

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Bumblebees role play Where The Wild Things Are.

During our English lesson today we started our new narrative unit, using the book, Where The Wild Things Are. The children all got to make their own crowns ready for being Max. The whole class went on an adventure pretending to be Max and during their journey they found the wild things around the garden. ...

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Bumblebee class’s hopes and dream

On Friday afternoon, during wellbeing afternoon, we discussed our hopes and dreams. We talked about what we were already good at and what we would like to get better at by the end of the year. We then discussed what we would like to be when we grew up. These are some of the children’s ...

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Ladybird class

As part of the story book we have been reading in English, Old Bear, we have been looking at old toys this week. We had fun in class playing with a range of old toys and it made us think about how our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents would have played with these toys when they ...

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Science investigation in Bumblebee class

In our science lesson we have been working on materials and their properties. We linked this to our English story of Old Bear, where the toys rescued him using a parachute. The children had the challenge of finding out which material would make the best parachute. They were given a variety of materials, string and ...

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Understanding numbers in Bumblebee class

We have been working on what 2 digit numbers are made up of in year 1. The children found out how many tens and ones there are in a given 2 digit number. They used dienes blocks  to help them understand this.     We have also been understanding the value of 2 digit numbers ...

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A Toys’ picnic

In year 1 for English, the children had to plan a picnic for their toys. They had to write out invitations, shopping lists and menus to prepare for their for their picnic. Once this  was done they got to choose the things they needed and enjoyed roleplaying their picnic with the toys.    

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Parsloes Primary Annual Christmas Bazaar

Yes, that’s right! It’s already that time of year again. Massive thank you to all those staff and children involved in the run up to the Christmas Bazaar. We hope you all had an amazing time with lots of festive cheer. Here are just a few snapshots from the day’s events…

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Bumblebee class remembers

As part  of Remembrance, the class visited the war memorial at the Heathway. The children behaved impeccably  and was very respectful throughout the visit.                  

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