Making Rocky Roads in Butterfly Class

This week for English we had to write instructions for our hot task so the children got to make rocky roads. They then used that experience to write their instructions in their English lesson. Then in the afternoon, they used one of their senses, our IPC topic, to taste the rocky roads.    

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Bumblebee class explore their sense of taste.

This week in IPC we did a taste experiment. The children got to taste different foods and write about how they tasted. This was a fun and enjoyable lesson for all.

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Bumblebee class enjoy the royal wedding celebrations

On Friday we celebrated the royal wedding.All of the children thoroughly enjoyed making flags and walking in a parade around the school. We also had some special visitors join us for a picnic outside.

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Butterfly class at the Royal Wedding

The children took part in whole school activities to celebrate the Royal wedding today. They first watched the wedding rehearsal take place. They got to make flags, plates and crowns in their houses. After that we went for a parade with the whole school and the Royal family!               ...

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Potion making in Butterfly Class

This half term in year 1 the children are learning to write instructions. On Wednesday, we made an invisibility  potion where the children took it in turns to add ingredients and mix the concoction. They used this experience to write instructions of how to make the potion in their English lessons.     Theses are ...

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Butterfly class spend money at the shops

This week in Maths we have been making amounts to buy items from a shop. The had to use the right coins to work out how much each item would cost them.    

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Bumblebee class doing practical maths

This week in maths, we have been learning about tens and units. The children loved using dienes and cubes to represent tens and units of different numbers.  Some children used ten cent coins and one cent coins to make different amounts.                             ...

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Emotional Butterflies

In our IPC lesson the children studied some famous paintings and discussed their interpretations of what emotions they thought the subjects might have been feeling by looking at their body language. These are some of the paintings we studied: Th Girl at a window                        ...

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Bumblebee class explore their senses.

In IPC, we started our new topic which includes exploring our senses. The children loved looking for the things they could hear,see, touch and smell outside.

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Exploring our senses in Butterfly class

This term we will be learning about our senses and parts of our body that we use for each sense. During one of our IPC lesson this week, we explored our senses in the outside area. The children identified each sense they used and described what they could see, hear, feel and smell.    

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