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Crickets Science Museum

We had a great time at the Science Museum learning about space. We enjoyed the 4D space simulator.  

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Rabbit Class – Green Week

Topic: Colour Focus: Green Book of the Week: The hungry caterpillar Look at all of the activities that we have completed this week.

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Reading certificate winners

The children in Bumblebee have been reading well at home and changing their books regularly. These are the first of our reading certificate winners. They have read 15 books at home to achieve this certificate. Well done!     Continue reading to get the 30 books certificate…

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Hummingbird class table leaders

This half term, as a class, we have decided to appoint table leaders for the 5 table groups. If anybody wanted to be a table leader, they had to apply using an application form – explaining why they would make a good table leader and what they would bring to the class. After scanning applications ...

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Year 5 Guardian Trip!

This week, a third of the children in year 5 had the wonderful opportunity to visit The Guardian HQ in London. When we arrived, we stepped straight into our reporting mode. For 8 minutes, we held a news conference to discuss the main and current news stories from the wire with our partner. Once we ...

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Oak Class – Reading

In Oak class we love reading.  This week, we have been working very hard to help each other improve our reading aloud.  During our group reading sessions, we take it in turns to read aloud whilst the other group members listen attentively.  We then get feedback from our classmates about our fluency, volume and expression.  The ...

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Year 6 – First Aid Workshop

In Year 6, we were lucky to have a visit from the British Red Cross, who were able to teach us some important life-saving skills. Take a look at the photos below to see how we got on…

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Rabbit Class – Blue Week

Topic: Colour Focus: Blue Book of the Week: The blue balloon Look at all of the activities that we have completed this week.

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Oak Class – Wellbeing Friday

  On Friday afternoons we are focusing on our wellbeing in Oak class.  Over the past half term, we have thought about kindness and how being kind to others makes us feel.  We enjoyed giving each other compliments and recognised that giving a compliment can feel as good as receiving one.  We have thought about ...

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Maple Class – Science – Investigation into Melting Points of Materials

In science in Year 4, we have begun to look at matter and the different states it comes in. We have looked at the three different states of matter which are solid liquid and gas. We have looked at the properties of each state of matter and sorted everyday objects into whether they were a ...

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