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Habitats fit for a King or Queen!

Year 4 are looking at homes and habitats this term. They were set a challenge to build a sturdy habitat with an entrance / doorway which can home at least one person. All the children worked extremely well in their teams and demonstrated excellent team work. In this task, a lot of problem solving and ...

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Rabbit Class – Goldilocks and the three bears

This week our book focus has been ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’. We have started Talk 4 Writing, so every morning we read the story from a story map. All of our activities have been linked to the story, here are a few pictures of what we have been up to:

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Caribbean experience!

In year 4 this week, we had a Caribbean experience as part of our entry point for IPC. We tasted tropical fruits such as mangoes, pineapples and water melons. The fruits were very sweet and tasty. We also made our own glittery face masks for carnival. Moreover, we had a limbo dance competition – this ...

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Ladybirds are throwing and catching!

Keeping fit and learning new skills In PE we have been learning how to throw and catch. We practiced with a partner and counted how many times we could throw a ball to each other without dropping it.  Some children managed as many as 100! Try this at home and see if you can beat ...

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Robin Class – Science: Leaf Rubbing and Dissecting Flowers

This week in IPC for our new topic on ‘Living and Growing’ we’ve been working on our science units where we studied the native trees of England by going on a leaf hunt around the school. Once we found some leaf samples, we then created some leaf rubbings where we were able to classify them ...

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Maple Class – IPC – Habitat Project

During the holidays, we were tasked with creating a habitat. This half term our topic is ‘Do You Live Around Here?’ In this unit, we will be looking at the history of our local area and how it has changed.   We will also be looking at where animals live i.e. habitats. For our project, ...

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SignSing – Somewhere Only We Know – Keane BSL SSE

SignSing - Somewhere Only We Know - Keane BSL SSESignSing - Somewhere Only We Know - Keane BSL SSE

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Sycamore – IPC- Entry Point – Caribbean Experience

In year Four,We started off our new topic ‘Do You Live Around Here ?’ with a Caribbean experience. We did many interesting activities .  One of the activities was tasting tropical fruits such as watermelon, mango and pineapple. The other activity, we had the opportunity to decorate carnival mask using paints and glitter.  Finally our ...

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Rabbit Class – Maths Workshop

Thank you to everyone that attended the maths workshop. A few pictures of the fun maths activities that happen in nursery.

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Rabbit Class – 100% Attendance

Well done to the children, with 100% attendance, from the Easter holidays until May half term. Back Row – Lily Mae, Ariana, Maya, Isabella, Gabriella, Darcey and Leighla. Front Row – Oliwia, Best, Emmanuel, Oliver, Archie and Davina.

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