Hummingbird Class - Mechanism Madness

We have been using all that we have learnt about mechanisms to create our own paper toys!

Hummingbird Class – Mechanism Madness

Year 5 are currently working on a project this half term relating to our book called ‘Clockwork’. Using this, we have have been exploring different mechanisms.

The first step in our project was to explore the different types of mechanisms and how they worked. Once we knew the basics, we followed instructions to make a moving paper toy.

After deciding on the mechanism we were going to use, we thought about the steps and how they could be recreated to make a slightly different paper toy. Using the instructions as a basis, we adapted them to fit our new designs that we drew.

Once we designed and wrote out our instructions, we followed them to create our very own moving mechanism paper toy! What fun (and patience) we had making these! Take a look at all of our amazing final pieces! Which one do you like the most?

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