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Transition Day – the journey to Woodpecker Class (10.7.17)

Today, the year 5s had their first taste of what awaits them when they join year 6. They met their classmates, teacher and worked in the room they’d be settling into come September. While there was excitement and smiles from many, there were also a few nerves (which is totally expected).       After a short introduction ...

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Year 6 Kingswood trip – Day 2

After a busy first day, the children were ready for their second day of activities.   The first activity of the day was a blindfolded obstacle course. This focused on communication skills as they had to speak and listen to each other in order to get to the end of the course safely. It also built ...

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Pillowcase Project with Woodpecker Class (7.7.17)

In PSHE, Year 6 have been learning about how to prepare and respond to severe weather-related emergencies. The Pillowcase Project (aimed at 7-11 year olds) is a programme initiated by the British Red Cross and aims to educate children on the types of weather-related emergencies they may face in the UK and how to prepare for an ...

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Woodpecker Class cheer each other on at Sports Day (27.6.27)

On Tuesday 27th June,  Woodpecker Class unleashed their competitive spirits and took part in their last Sports Day at Parsloes. We had an amazing time experiencing our last sports day in Parsloes Primary School.            There were several stations to stop at and play, which involved us using a variety skills (most that were taught over ...

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Kingfisher Class show ‘RESPECT’

In PSHE this week, Year 6 have been looking at a unit called ‘Them and Us’.  This covered lessons on being kind, hurting others and respect.  We cam up with different words associated with respect as you can see underneath. We then did some freeze-frames to show ways that people can show respect     ...

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Art Day (the recycled edition) with Woodpecker Class (14.6.17)

Whoever said that art was rubbish was…well telling the truth in the case of Parsloes’ Art Day.  On Wednesday 14th June, Woodpecker Class took part in a whole-school art day using a range of recycled materials and objects.              Our theme was based around our guided reading book “Flotsom” (a picture ...

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Year 6 go on Residential.

  On Wednesday the 21st of June, some of Year 6 went on their trip to Grosvenor Hall. We traveled by coach to Kent, we were excited and the sun was shining!   We knew we had a lot of activities and knew that we wanted to challenge ourselves and have fun with our classmates ...

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Woodpecker Class at Junior Citizens Event (13.6.17)

On 13th June year 6 went on a Junior Citizens events – a local event at a military base aimed at educating children to “be smart” and “stay safe”  as well as increase their confidence in doing things on their own. After a short debrief, the children split into small teams then left the main hall to visit various ...

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Junior Citizen Event

On Tuesday 13th June, Year 6 went to the Junior Citizen Event. Here we were split into teams and did different activities. We learnt about how to stay safe in lots of different environments. Read some of the comments from the children below.  My favourite part was when we went to the hall with the ...

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Come underwater with Kingfisher Class

On Wednesday 14th June, Parsloes Primary took part in an Art day; using recycled materials to create sculptures.  In Kingfisher Class we have started the book ‘Flotsam’, so our theme was ‘underwater’.  We spent a week collecting recycled goods: cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, newspapers etc, so we were able to make the sculptures.   To get ...

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