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Year 5 – Trip to the British Library

This week, some Year 5 children had the opportunity to visit the British Museum where they engaged in a ‘Play with Words’ workshop. Take a look at some of the pictures below…

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Robin Class – Entry Point – Making Things Go

For our new IPC topic, ‘Making Things Go’ we made paper aeroplanes and competed as a class and with other classes in Year 5 to see who could make theirs go the fastest and the furthest. Take a look at the pictures below…

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Year 5 – Exit Point – Myth and Legend Performances

Year 5 brought their IPC topic on Myths and Legends to a close by some spectacular dramatic performances of well known stories based on myths and legends. For example, Odysseus and the Cyclops, Freya and the Brising Necklace, Ra’s Secret Name and, a popular choice, Pandora’s Box. Here are some photos taken from the performances…

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Robin Class – Safer Internet Day

This week in Robin Class, to celebrate Safer Internet Day, we spoke about what issues online make us happy or sad. We then transferred these across to our own emotional thermometers. Secondly, we spoke about what makes a good friend online and added these ‘ingredients’ to the cauldron in order to make the perfect friend. ...

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Robin Class Performance Poetry – Take 2

This week one of the tasks was re-write a stanza about Bess from the Highwayman. Then we were asked to perform them. Lots of metaphors, alliteration repetition and assonance was used. Some of the best written stanzas were taken from the children’s books and displayed below…

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Robin Class – Performance Poetry

This week in English we’ve been looking at performance poetry to help with the poem we’re reading in class, called The Highwayman. The children really delved deep into the roles of the characters and this helped them read the poems with expression and facial expressions. They were then asked to perform a freeze frame to ...

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Hummingbird Class – Myths and Legends mood artwork

This term, in IPC, we have been letting our creativity flow. We have produced lots of different pieces of artwork, that link to Myths and Legends. In particular, we created a collage of a myth or legend, and thought about the emotions this character may have. We created a colour chart, to help us remember ...

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Digital Leaders

Well done to all the newly appointed members of the ‘Digital Leader’ team. We all had our first meeting where we’re planning to carry out an assembly next week for Safer Internet Day. Congratulations everyone…

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Robin Class – Maths: Capacity

This week in maths we’ve been studying capacity and looking at how we convert millilitres to litres and vice versa. Some children had the opportunity to work on an investigation and to work through some practice SAT’s questions. Take a look…

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Recreating Myths and Legends in Owl Class

This term Owl Class have been studying Myths and Legends in English and IPC.  On Friday afternoon, they had the opportunity to recreate a myth or legend in their own way. As you can see some of the groups chose to dramatise the myth/legend, which they shared with the rest of the class. The myths/legends ...

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