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Sycamore Class – Looking Back on Year Four

As we approach the end of Year Four, in Sycamore class we have been thinking about the year and all of the memories that we have made.  Here are some photos showing the different learning experiences we have participated in this year: Visiting Dagenham library in the Autumn term to learn about chocolate.   Our ...

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Sycamore Class – Who Influences Us?

This week in our RE lesson, we have been thinking about who influences us and why.  We shared our ideas with the class and then wrote a paragraph about someone who has been a big influence on us.  Have a look at our work below:  

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Maple – Caribbean Islands for Art Day

Last week we got to take our Caribbean islands that we created for Art Day home. We used newspaper and glue on a piece of cardboard to create a hard surface for the island. Then we used pieces of junk that we had brought in to add palm trees, huts and even a boat!     ...

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Sycamore Class – Shelter Building Challenge

This week in Year Four we worked in teams to build shelters, to link with our IPC topic ‘Do You Live Around Here?’  We used a range of recycled materials to try to build the strongest and most stable shelter.  As well as learning about different methods of construction, we had to work well as ...

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Sycamore Class – Art Day

  This week, the whole school celebrated art day.  We worked in groups to create sculptures on the theme of the Caribbean.  Take a look at our wonderful work below:

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Sycamore Class – Caribbean Experience

This half term, we will be following the IPC unit ‘Do You Live Around Here?’, looking at homes around the world.  To start off the unit and link in with our English book, ‘Gregory Cool’, we had a Year 4 Caribbean experience on Friday afternoon.  We spent the afternoon visiting each Year 4 class and ...

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Sycamore Class – Our Half Term

This week, we have finished our unit of work on The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.  Since the Easter holidays, we have enjoyed completing a range of activities all based around the story.  Here are some of the things we have been up to: Creating large sculptures of the Iron Man. Imagining a back story ...

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Sycamore Class – The Iron Man

This week in Sycamore class, we have begun our new unit of work based around ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes.  In English, we will be writing stories set in imaginary worlds and in IPC we will be learning all about materials and electricity. We started our new unit by junk modelling the Iron Man. ...

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Sycamore Class – Newspaper Reports

This week in Sycamore class, we have been learning about newspaper reports.  After spending four days looking at the different features and practising skills such as direct and indirect speech, we were ready to have a go at writing our own reports.  To link in with our IPC topic on Ancient Egypt, we wrote reports ...

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Sycamore Class – Ancient Egyptian Drama

This week in our English lessons, we have begun creating our own Ancient Egyptian stories.  To help us identify an appropriate problem, complication and resolution, we worked in small groups to create freeze frames of possible scenes. We had lots of ideas for problems for our stories, including mummies coming to life, venomous snake attacks ...

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