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Oak Class – Performance Poetry

This week, Year 3 wrote some amazing poems about sounds heard in the kitchen for our last hot task! We included lots of techniques which we magpied from the famous poet, Michael Rosen. These techniques included, onomatopoeia, alliteration and repetition. We shared and performed our poems with pupils in Elm and Willow class. What was ...

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Elm Class!

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Oak Class – Sports Day!

This week we took part in sports day and we had lots of fun competing in different races! What was your favourite race and why?

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Elm Class – Exciting Salads!

This week, Elm Class have been looking at advertising and how we can make food look more exciting. We decided to create our very own exciting salads to encourage everyone to eat healthily. They were delicious!                                       ...

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Oak Class – Art Day!

Year 3 based Art Day around our current IPC unit ‘What’s On The Menu’. We used different recycling materials to make 3D food, drink cups and cutlery. A variety of meals were made such as pizza, fish and chips, kebab, and spaghetti and meatballs. We also made menus relating to the food that we made. ...

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What’s on the Menu?

This week in Willow class we made delicious milkshakes as part of our ‘What’s on the Menu?’ topic in IPC. We chose a variety of  sweet and delicious ingredients to include ! It’s safe to say that there wasn’t a drop left over!!

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Art Day!

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Oak Class – Persuasive Speeches!

For our Talk4Writing unit in Literacy, we have been studying persuasive letters. We learned how to use persuasive language, e.g. use of rhetorical questions, logical openers and exciting adjectives. This week we planned our Hot Task, which was to write a persuasive letter to the baboon on the moon persuading him to visit a country ...

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Oak Class rewards!

This week’s Star of the Week goes to Ohemaa Ansah for showing three of our school values… being respectful, understanding and positive. Well done! 🙂  This week’s Writer of the Week goes to Freddie Hattam for writing a very persuasive piece of writing, including rhetorical questions. Well done! 🙂

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Oak Class- Science Week!

We have been celebrating Science Week in Year 3 by carrying out many different activities and experiments! First, we visited our new Science garden in school to plan what we would like to have in it. We came up with great ideas as a class such as a green house, bird house, pond area, wildlife ...

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