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Hello. My name is Miss Sterling and I would like to welcome you to Year 2.


Year 2 is an extremely important year for all pupils. We continue to build upon the basic key skills taught in Year 1 and focus on deepening children’s understanding of the key concepts in Reading, Writing and Maths. During the Summer term pupils are assessed in Reading, Writing and Maths.


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Pupils listen and work hard when set an activity. Pupils’ behaviour is managed well.

OFSTED Statement 2015


In English, we study a range of text types, including adventure stories such as Peter Pan, stories by Julia Donaldson and traditional tales such as Jack and the Beanstalk. We love putting our own twists on the stories once we have learned them. We also begin to look at the grammatical features of writing more closely. In Mathematics we spend time learning to add and subtract two digit numbers, developing an understanding of multiplication and learning to tell the time. This all helps to make sure that we understand the key skills of mental arithmetic by the time our children leave Year Two.


Our foundation subjects are taught through the IPC. The Year 2 IPC units are fun and exciting and provide cross curricular links. Many units have a focus on science which provides us with the many opportunities to put on a white coat and become scientists! We love conducting experiments, practising fair tests and predicting outcomes. Each week, year two also enjoy playing a range of musical instruments with a specialist music teacher.


To find out what we have been up to this week, visit our class blog!


For further information you can view our Curriculum here.

Autumn term is packed full of exciting new subjects. This term we will be looking at traditional tales in English as well as stories with patterns and rhyme.


In Science pupils will be learning about the animals, plants and birds in our local environment. In Geography pupils will learn about places of work in the local area and in Art pupils will learn how to show light and dark as well as create a sand art sculpture


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The Spring term is full of exciting new topics for our Year Two pupils.


Our core text is Man on the Moon / The Moon Landing. In Science our pupils will be learning what seeds and plants need in order to grow. In Geography we will be learning about countries that have very long summer days and very long winter nights, whilst in Music the pupils will be learning how to make our own songs and music with light and dark as a theme


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The IPC Units for the Summer Term are Flowers and Insects and Lets go on Holiday.


In English, pupils will learn about Explanations / Narrative. In Science we will learn where flowers and insects prefer to live and grow


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Year 2 Latest Blog

Ahoy there matey!

This half term, Year Two have loved the pirate topic,  Ahoy there matey! We wrote pirates letters, made pirate maps and we even made our own pirate boats! To celebrate our work, we invited parents in on Thursday 8th February 2018. We presented our lovely work and performed a special song and dance called ‘A ...

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Crickets IPC Science Investigation.

Next week we will be making our own pirate boats. This week we tested a range of materials in water to see if they would be suitable.

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Centipede class investigates floating and sinking

In Science this week, we have been investigating which objects float and which objects sink. We tested the following materials in water: cork plastic bottle metal coin paper stone polystyrene       We found that the cork, plastic bottle and polystyrene floated. Do you know why they floated?

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Crickets RE & Computing

This week we have discussed and celebrated the different faiths we have in our class. We spoke about the places of worship for Muslims, Christians and Jewish people and the special holy book for each religion. In computing we collected data to find out the different faiths we had in our class,we then put this ...

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