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Parsloes Primary School – Remembrance Day Assembly!

Today Parsloes Primary remembered all those that fought in the war and lost their lives. Poems were read by the Year 6’s and every class made a poppy wreath to lay. Songs that we’ve been learning in music were sung. It was lovely to see all our parents attend. We will always remember and never ...

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Crickets English Fantasy Stories

This week we have planning our own fantasy stories. During English we used our story plans to retell our stories in our groups using our plans. We made sure we included lots of expanded noun phrases and expression. We had lots of fun listening to each others stories and becoming story tellers.  

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Creating city skylines – Centipede class

In Art this week, we researched city skylines and looked carefully at the different shapes we could see. We cut paper into lots of different shapes to make our buildings.     We are all very proud of our work 🙂  

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Crickets Creative Day Creating our Own Fantasy Worlds

This week in English we were introduced too our new English unit, The Selfish Giant. We discussed the setting of this book was a ‘Fantasy World’. We than had the opportunity to create our own fantasy worlds We first discussed lots of different worlds we could write create. We then began creating our worlds using a ...

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Science Trip – Centipede Class

On Wednesday, Centipede Class went to the Science Museum.  We went on the District line to South Kensington.  It was a long journey but we had fun!   We enjoyed looking around the museum and liked the rockets and missiles!     We took part in a workshop where we learned about astronauts and how ...

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Crickets Science Museum Trip

On Wednesday we visited the Science Museum.  We first went to watch the Space show, where we discussed clothing astronauts needed when traveling to space.  After the show we went to the space zone,  where we saw a full-sized replica of Eagle—the lander that took astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin to the Moon in 1969.  

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Cricket Class – Maths Greater than & less than

This week we have been comparing numbers. Using the greater than and less than symbols.  We pretended we were crocodiles and always ate the biggest number. Greater than –  62>45 Less than – 10<27

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PE in Centipede Class

In PE this week we have been practising different balances.  We investigated which parts of our body we could balance on.  We worked with a partner to make 1, 2 and 3 point balances. Here are some of the balances we came up with!        

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Crickets Maths 2D and 3D shapes

This week we are looking at 2D and 3D shapes. We created our own clue cards for different shapes and our friends then had to guess what shape we were describing. Can you guess this shape? It has 4 vertices and 4 sides that are all the same length.  

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Parsloes Primary School – School Ambassadors

Congratulations to all of the brand new school ambassadors for 2017-2018. Here they are working on the first assembly reading out the house point scores…

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