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News from Ladybirds Class

This week we have been learning how to stay safe when using the Internet.  We all made posters. We also had fun making our own games.   See if you can make a game during the half term holiday.

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For the last few weeks in our IPC lessons we looked at and played some board games. The children then designed and made their own games which they enjoyed playing with their friends.        

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Staying safe on the internet in Butterfly class

We have been learning how to stay safe online during Safer internet day. We also discussed how to respect each other on line and how to deal with anyone who doesn’t. The children enjoyed making their posters in our ICT lessons, then commenting and adding emoji to their friend’s posters.        

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Bumblebee class celebrate Safer Internet Day.

Today in Bumblebee class we celebrated Safer Internet Day. We talked about how to stay safe online and how to respect each other online. The children loved making posters in ICT and sharing nice comments about each others work.  

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Butterfly class rock and roll in PE

During PE this term, we’ve been investigating ways to rock and roll on different parts of our body for Gymnastics. The children have been very inventive.   In today’s lesson, the children had to run around each other and then jump creating a shape with their body when asked to stop.         ...

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Bumblebee class recreate the painting ‘Children’s Games’ by Bruegel 1560.

In IPC we looked at an old painting from 1560 and discussed games children played in the past. We created our own picture of the games that children play now. The children loved this activity and were very happy with their finished piece . 

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Artwork by Butterfly class

During an IPC lesson, we looked at the painting ‘Children’s Games’ by Pieter Bruegel 1560. We recreated the picture as a class drawing pictures of games we play now and the children wrote captions to go with them.   ‘Children’s Games’ by Pieter Bruegel     Butterfly Class version of ‘Children’s Games’  

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Sorting Toys from the past and present.

We have been sorting toys from the past and toys we play with now. We looked at similarities and differences. We looked at how toys have changed and improved. We also thought of ways we could improve them.    

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Bumblebee class look at toys from the past.

This week in IPC we explored toys from the past. The children worked in groups to answer questions about the toys and then presented their work to the class.

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Exploring Old Toys

On each table we had some old toys. We worked in groups and looked at every table. We answered questions about each toy and its properties.

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