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Parsloes Primary School – Remembrance Day Assembly!

Today Parsloes Primary remembered all those that fought in the war and lost their lives. Poems were read by the Year 6’s and every class made a poppy wreath to lay. Songs that we’ve been learning in music were sung. It was lovely to see all our parents attend. We will always remember and never ...

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Badger Shopping Money

The children have enjoyed learning about all the different shops in our local area and role playing buying items in the shop with real money. Most of the children can identify a 1p, 2p, 5p, and 10p coin. They are starting to understand that 1p has the least value and 10p has the highest value. ...

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Hedgehogs ordering fun!

Today Hedgehog Class have been ordering numbers 1-20. We also matched the number with the quantity.We had so much fun counting and matching the numbers with the correct amount.

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Badger Octopus Under My Bed

The children are enjoying drawing pictures to represent what happened in the story, There’s An Octopus Under My Bed.

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Badger Number Ordering

The children are learning how to order numbers to 10 and some are beginning to order numbers to 20. Then they had to take a number and count out that amount of teddy bears.

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Badger Class Patterns

The children have been learning how to make repeating patterns using 2 or 3 colours this week.

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Rabbit Class – My first day at Nursery – Pola

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